Complete B2B Order Automation Platform

Pharmarack is a central hub to manage orders. Each element of Pharmarack ecosystem is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing back office systems. From manufacturer to the customer on the same mobile enabled platform, Pharmarack offers complete B2B order automation, like none other.

Mobile First

Business is increasingly mobified. Our MOBILE FIRST strategy aligns perfectly to serve the mobified customer, whether it is in Retail or Distribution. The result is an empowered customer, convenient transactions, and run-time data for decision-making.

B2B Focus

Pharmarack platform can be easily configured to deliver the customized B2B buyer experience to your customers. Building on the nuances of your business needs, Pharmarack platform enables accelerated implementation through modular, plug-n-play solutions.

Pure Cloud

Pharmarack offers a reliable, zero-maintenance solution with instant rollout capability. The cloud-based platform ensures guaranteed availability, quick scale-up, and easy integration through open API's. Experience a hassle-free deployment that needs no maintenance.

Customer Success Driven

The success of a solution is in its implementation. Pharmarack is easy to use even for the most complex of transactions. The deployment approach lays a thorough focus on training and engagement, backed by dedicated experts and on-line material.

Intelligence Enabled

Intelligence business transaction is at the core of Pharmarack's platform. From the retail user to the CXO of a company, Pharmarack is designed to deliver intelligent decision-making information at every level in the supply chain.