For Companies

Pharmarack's application for companies provides a bird's eye view for the pool of industrial
information and distribution scenario in the market. As an ecosystem, Pharmarack's
application suite brings everything – from order processing tools to business intelligence
tools – under one umbrella for the companies.

Company's Web Application

The web application addresses everything,
including managing the distribution channels for
drugs, assessing market demand patterns for
the product range, and development and deployment of strategies for undersold products.

Marketing Platform

The web-based application provides platform for promoting schemes, driving new product launches, and showcasing the entire product basket for members down the supply chain.

Business planning

The reports in the applications provide complete information on industry and specifically point to the new indicators of business growth. As opposed to being reactive to demand, companies are able to take informed decisions proactively with Pharmarack's ecosystem.

MR's Mobile application

Pharmarack's apps enable an easy access to all information on the smartphone for medical representatives on field to meet retailers/chemists, hospitals, and doctors.



Real-time information on Medical Representative network


Market intelligence on pent ration, reach etc.


Demand forecasting through intelligent analytics


Marketing platform to promote schemes and new launches


Business planning tool, driven by supply chain demand, at all levels