To build a tech-enabled platform for global pharmaceutical supply side ecosystem

Who We Are

We are the people who are
opening new supply chain possibilities!

Pharmarack is a healthcare focused products company, providing solution through its applications to the Pharma value chain members to form a profitable and functioning ecosystem. We call it the 'Pharmarack ecosystem'.

It gives a platform to all the Pharma value chain members to process business seamlessly across the supply chain. The application is a simple tool to smartly manage your daily business operations. It is compatible with your existing systems and software such as ERP, CRM, and other enterprise applications, thus making it easy to implement and quick to adapt in your existing business processes.

Pharmarack is also an intelligence system that allows you to take informed decisions, always. By channeling all information infrastructure into single terminal, Pharmarack allows you to process business, manage inventory, perform product development, business development, innovate distribution and much more.

Be a part of the ecosystem to give your business a smart move.

We are
• Integrated Solution partner
• Challenger
• Analyzer
• Goal setter
An ecosystem with answers to your toughest business problems!

Whether you are a manufacturer, C&F, distributor or
chemist, we have a perfect and fully operational ecosystem
of applications that seamlessly integrates with any hardware/software platform that you use.

We Give You
A Future Ready Business


Continuous innovation, seamless
end-user experience, and all round
compatibility with your existing
business processes


All the support you need in integration,
training, and trouble shooting with our
nationwide sales and service teams


Pharmarack's implementation frees your
business from the unproductive tasks in your
supply chain to puts you on a trajectory of
sustained increase in growth and profitability


Gain previously unavailable insights into
your business from Pharmarack's deep data
mining. Take intelligent and timely decisions
with Pharmarack to control your business
cycles instead of following them as they arise.

Unfolding Rapid
Digital Transformation

Pharmarack is the fastest growing solutions enterprise
with a sharp focus on eliminating supply chain inefficiencies.
Pharmarack's solution is bringing about a rapid digital
transformation of the Pharmaceutical supply chain through
faster processing and intelligent insights for businesses
and ecosystem as a whole.

Management Team

Pharamarack is backed by a strong management team with a combined expertise of over 50+ years in supply chain, marketing, and solutions development. Pharmarack is based on thorough research done by the team, with a deep understanding of the challenges of the Pharma supply chain. This background allowed us to create Pharmarack that enables efficiency and business growth for large-scale retail and distribution.

A result of thousands of hours of relentless innovation, Pharmarack's ecosystem is a manifestation of the vision of the founding team to redefine the supply chain processes. The team is leading the business from the front at all levels to create new breakthroughs in supply chain management for its customers.